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New Reality Show Strands People in Wilderness on Live TV

The Discovery Channel is planning a new TV reality series that sounds a bit like "The Hunger Games."

The new series "Survival Live" will follow eight people who are stranded in a wilderness located in the Pacific Rim for 42 days.

Unlike the reality series "Naked and Afriad," these contestants will be wearing clothes, but only what's on their back.

TV viewers will be able to watch the survivalists during one live episode and one taped-edited episode per week.

Web viewers will actually be able to watch the contestants' progress 24/7 live on their computers.

Taking another page from "The Hunger games," viewers will be able to help contestants with a phone call, food, clothing and other items.

According to the Daily Mail, each contestant will build their social network of audience supporters by doing video diaries.

During the weekly series, one contestant will be pulled from the competition during a live episode, while other contestants' lives will be featured on the edited version.

“It's a really fascinating opportunity to take one of our strongest genres, survival, and mash it up with a live environment, but also do it in a very social and digital way,” Eileen O'Neill, president of Discovery and TLC Networks, told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We have a lot of people who want to test their mettle on our survival shows,” added O'Neill. “These are pretty rugged environments, so we do background checks and psych checks, and that reduces the pool to choose from pretty quickly.”

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Mail


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