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New Pyramid Findings Cause Huge Buzz on Web

A robotic camera recently gained access to a secret pyramid chamber, and the pictures are taking the Internet by storm.

The tiny camera fit through a small hole in a stone wall to get into the secret chamber, which is inaccessible to people. Inside, the camera filmed painted hieroglyphics and stone markings on the walls. These decorations had been hidden from human eyes for 4,500 years.

Experts will soon get to work trying to decipher what the markings might mean. Hopefully, they'll give experts a little more information on why the Egyptians built tunnels inside the Pyramids. This secret chamber, according to CNN, is "one of several mysterious passages leading from the larger king's and queen's chambers."

This is the first time a robot camera could focus on the walls of these mysterious tunnels, because this new camera had the ability to move side to side as well as focusing straight ahead.

According to Yahoo, the Web went crazy over the new discovery. In the 24 hours since the discoveries went public, Web seaches for  "great pyramid of giza" and "egypt pyramids" both got huge search numbers, as did "hieroglyphic dictionary" and "hieroglyphic meanings."

(Picture: Egyptian archaeology workers ferrying sand in trolleys on rail tracks in front of the Great Pyramid, in Giza, Egypt. AP/Amr Nibil)

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