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New Music: Mako

Mako is an unusual duo, made up of Juilliard graduate Alex Seaver and electronic music producer Logan Light. The two come from drastically different worlds, yet their shared knowledge of music theory, sound production and the electronic/dance music culture combines to form a gorgeous mélange of melodies.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Light is no stranger to the electronic music culture, and has opened as a DJ for EDM superstars such as Tiesto and Avicii. Light met Seaver when the two were en route to Electronic Daisy Carnival in 2011, and Mako was created soon after.

After Seaver graduated from Juilliard, he moved from NYC to LA after receiving a scholarship for a film/TV scoring workshop. Once Seaver was in LA, him and Light worked nonstop to finish their early demos. Hard work paid off, and one of their songs was picked up as the 2012 Fruit of the Loom Olympics campaign on NBC. The duo quickly became a favorite among top music blogs, being praised as both rare and special. Mako will see its first imprint release on major dance label in April, but for now, take a listen to their awesome new release:


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