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Confirmed: New Michael Jackson Album Release Nov. 8

A couple of days ago, we heard that a new Michael Jackson album was being released, but it was contentious with his family, because some (his kids, especially) said that some of the tracks weren’t really Michael.

Now, we’ve just gotten word that they are, in fact, releasing an album of new material from the King of Pop.

Exciting news!

Fans will have the chance to judge for themselves whether or not it’s the real deal, as the album, titled “Michael”, is set for a planned release date of December 14, 2010. Fans can expect a new teaser for the project on tomorrow, while his new song, “Breaking News”, will be streamed on the site on November 8, 2010, for an entire week.

From the press release:

“Breaking News,” a never heard before song by Michael that appears on the new album was recorded in New Jersey in 2007 and recently brought to completion. Fans can begin pre-ordering the album on in the next 24 hours.

The attached image of the album cover of MICHAEL was created by painter Kadir Nelson in 2009. In the oil painting, Kadir – who is known for story telling through his art – takes us on a journey through some key moments and important people in Michael Jackson’s life.

Are you excited for some new music from Michael? It’s been too long!!

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