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New 'Jewels with Buddies' Game Released on iPhone

There are two things we can always count on in life: The sun will rise every morning and cool new iPhone apps will keep getting created. You’ve got your Angry Birds, Foursquare, and Words with Friends, but those are so last season.

What’s new out there right now?

Let’s talk Jewels with Buddies, which is part of the “With Buddies” brand created by Scopely. Released within the last 48 hours in the United States and already at No. 12 in Apple's App Store, Jewels with Buddies is a match-3 puzzle game designed by Travis Chen (who worked on hit games like Guitar Hero and Call of Duty).

If you’re drawing a blank on what match-3 games are, think Baboo Crash, Call of Atlantis, and Puzzle Quest.

Match-3 games are addictive and fun, and Jewels with Buddies is no exception. The point of the game is simple: In three 60-second rounds, you must match at least three blocks of the same color together and win points. Want more effects? Use animal power-ups to destroy all blocks of one color, slow down time, and more (but they’ll cost you human money).

Inside Social Games claims that the multiplayer mechanics could make Jewels With Buddies leave other match-3 games in the dust. You can play against random strangers or your friends and even utilize a stat tracker to keep tabs on how awesome you’re playing. Users can either create an account within Jewels With Buddies or log in with Facebook Connect.

Other games in the "With Buddies" series include Dice with Buddies and Checkers with Buddies. Dice currently resides in the iTunes’ top app chart.

Jewels with Buddies usually costs $1.99 in the Apple App Store, but it’s currently free for a limited time.


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