New Computer Software Tells Sexist Jokes


Computer scientists at the University of Edinburgh in the UK have created new computer software that is supposed to tell witty one-liners, but some say the content is just a series of lame sexist jokes.

“Computers have an advantage over people in that they can process masses of information, so we fed computers a wealth of material from which they extracted creative and unusual word combinations to fit our joke template,” computer scientist David Matthews told The Telegraph.

Some of the jokes include: "I like my women like I like my gas… natural" and "I like my women like I like my... camera... ready to flash."

Men also get ribbed with jokes such as: "I like my men like I like my monoxide… odorless" and "I like my men like I like my court… superior."

Matthews admits the comedic software needs work: "The holy grail for machine-generated comedy would be to include cultural references, but these are very hard to capture."

Source: The Telegraph


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