Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Makes Emmy History


The Netflix series, "House of Cards," made Emmy history today when it received a nomination for the television award show. The nomination marks the first time a program delivered online has been recognized as equal in quality to TV aired on networks, reports CBS News.

The series received a best drama series nomination. It earned nine nominations in all, including acting bids for stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

A six-year-old TV academy rule change allowed online shows to compete with cable and broadcast programs, but usually Internet shows are only nominated for the lower-profile categories, which changed with this year’s 65th Primetime Emmys.

The new season of "Arrested Development," which was only available online, snagged three nominations as well, including one for star Jason Bateman, although it did not win.

The “House of Cards” nomination shows highlights that on-demand Internet streaming media sites like Netflix have forever changed the way audiences get and watch video entertainment.

“TV industry analysts say Netflix is turning the traditional model [of viewing television shows] upside down, using research on its 33 million subscribers to shape the series, recruiting popular actors and directors whose other work got lots of clicks.” said Michelle Franzen of NBC News. NBC also notes that Netflix changes the model by releasing its series all at once, instead of on a weekly basis, allowing viewers to watch their favorite shows at a time that is more convenient for them.

Netflix’s new way of releasing television episodes is the “way people view TV these days anyway,” said NBC reporters who interviewed Spacey, who said the series was released this way to reflect viewers changing habits.

“People used to rally around the televisions of family with all their friends, and now it’s much more of an individual experience,” said a spokesman of the rating’s company, Nielsen, who said ratings are now much harder to track.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Emmy ceremony will air Sept. 22 on CBS.

Source: CBS News, NBC News


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