Video: Near-Naked Lady Gaga Crowd Surfs At Lollapalooza


The last time Lady Gaga made an appearance at the Lollapalooza music festival, she was about as popular as a fart in a phone booth. So when the eccentric warbler was invited back for an encore on Friday, she made sure she kicked ass.

“My name is Lady Gaga. I thank you for coming to my show. I didn’t used to be brave. In fact I wasn’t very brave at all,” she told her fans at the Chicago fest.

“But you have made me brave, little monsters. So now I’m going to brave for you. Tonight, I want you to free yourself.”

Well, Lady G certainly did. Scantily clad in trademark fishnets and strategically-placed stars to cover her raspberry ripples, Gaga lept from the stage and indulged in a spot of impromptu, half-naked crowd surfing.

The Poker Face singer let rip as Semi Precious Weapons, the band who recently supported her during her Monster Ball tour, performed.

Frontman Justin Tranter told MTV: She stood on the side of the stage, and then during the song Magnetic Baby, she started playing drums with Dan.

“Then she started singing backup vocals, then her and I made out, and then she stage-dove and then I joined her while she stage-dove. And then we made out while stage-diving. And then she left. It was pretty amazing.”

Warning: Contains foul language. NSFW

LOL, check out the dude in the blue shirt licking her stomach!


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