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NBC Meteorologist Caught In An Awkward Position On Live TV (Video)

One of the most difficult things in news broadcasting appears to be the transition from one person talking to another. Often times, these exchanges come off as awkward. Other times, primarily when people are not in the same room, they don’t come off at all because the person who is being handed off to doesn’t realize what is about to happen.

That is precisely what occurred this weekend when NBC weatherman Mike Seidel was caught in something of an awkward position as anchor Lester Holt tried to hand off to him.

See for yourselves:

Now, for what it’s worth – NBC says that Seidel was just looking for his phone. Obviously the internet interpreted the weatherman’s actions as something else – him relieving himself. It is impossible to say for certain what happened.

Either way, after a week full of questionable political tactics in the lead-up to mid-term elections, ISIS brutality and Ebola scares – it’s nice to have something lighthearted like this cross the news desk.

Sources: NY Daily News, Mirror


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