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NBC Changing 'Offensive' Peter Pan Lyrics for Live Broadcast

NBC’s live broadcast of Peter Pan on Dec. 4 will include changing an original song called “Ugg-a-Wugg.”

Peter Pan and an Indian character named Tiger Lily originally sang the song, which included lyrics such as “brave noble red skin” and “gugg-a-bluck," noted the Daily Mail.

However, the song has been changed to “True Blood Brothers" as not to offend Native Americans.

“Amanda [Green, daughter of Peter Pan‘s original lyricist, Adolph Green] has consulted with our Native American consultant [Jerod Tate], just in terms of replacing ‘Ugg-a-Wugg’ with something more traditionally Native American, which has been approved by them and the rights holders,” Peter Pan's executive producer Neil Meron told Entertainment Weekly. “Now and forever, this will hopefully be the version [in the show].”

Green said that changing the song meant “stripping it down and taking out things that were silly in the day it was written and offensive today.”

The part of Tiger Lily will be played by Alanna Saunders, whose great-grandmother was part of the Cherokee Nation.

"I'm beyond thrilled and excited," Saunders told NPR.

Tiger Lily was originally played by Sondra Lee, who sang “Ugg-a-Wugg” on Broadway with Mary Martin (as Peter Pan) and in a live TV performance in 1960 (video below).

Sources: Daily Mail, Entertainment Weekly, NPR / Image Credit: NBC Handout


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