NBC Cancels Law & Order, Dick Wolf Furious


Deadline Hollywood's Nikke Finke is reporting that NBC won't renew the flagship of its long-running franchise, Law and Order. The show, which spawned multiple spin-offs, was headed into what would have been a record-breaking 21st season. Currently, the law-and-cops procedural is tied with Gunsmoke for TV's longest-running drama at 20 seasons.

The show's creator, Dick Wolf, is reportedly furious at the network. (No truth to the rumor that Jay Leno was behind the unexpected break-up.)

According to Deadline:

A deal was in place if NBC picked up the Law & Order flagship for a 21st season consisting of 16 episodes. But insiders say Dick Wolf is now accusing the network of "reneging" on that deal: "He's so f*ing angry, you have no idea." As recently as the start of this week, even NBCU chief Jeff Zucker was privately telling people that L&O would get one more season. That's certainly what Wolf and his longtime reps (UTA and Ziffren Brittenham legal eagle Cliff Gilbert) were led to believe. That is, until last night.

According to the agreement already in place, NBC was supposed to go to TNT and negotiate a deal whereby the cable channel would finance some original episodes...

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