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Natalie Portman’s Parents Think She is Living in Sin

Natalie Portman’s parents believe their daugher is living in sin.

Her parents are less than pleased that Portman gave birth to their grandson Aleph less than five months ago before getting engaged to fiance Benjamin Millepied. Apparently, her parents, whom Natalie is said to be close to, are adamant that the wedding should have come before the baby and now want Portman to marry her fiance as soon as possible.

Natalie’s parents believe she is “living in sin.” Natalie and her parents also can’t seem to agree on where the wedding should be held.

A source claims Paris is Natalie and her fiance Benjamin’s first choice “but Natalie’s parents would rather have i in the US or Israel. Natalie is close to her mother and father so she feels duty-bound to agree. Her plans are still up in the air.”


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