Natalie Portman Films "Extreme" Lesbian Sex Scene in "Black Swan"


Natalie Portman says her lesbian sex scene in upcoming ballerina thriller Black Swan is anything but raunchy. It’s “extreme,” she says.

Portman, who stars opposite Mila Kunis in the Darren Aronovsky-directed flick, has previously shied away from any on-screen flesh-flashing – because she hadn’t worked out her own sexual identity.

She spills to V magazine: “Previously I was figuring out my own sexual identity, likes and dislikes and all that stuff, and it’s weird to be doing stuff on film as you’re figuring it out.”

She added: Also, being a sexual object when you’re a kid is really uncomfortable.”

Portman also says she has no qualms about stripping for the silver screen, but admits that the potential for online exploitation bothers her.

“It’s annoying, because online bulls**t interferes with what I want to do artistically. I’m not opposed to sexuality or nudity in a film, but I’m very opposed to pornography sites and you’re pretty much giving them material if you do any of that. It’s always a big dilemma for me.”

And of her sex scene with co-star Kunis in Black Swan, she says, “It’s not raunchy – it’s extreme.”

Watch the Black Swan trailer below:


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