Natalie Portman's Christian Dior Mascara Ad Banned


Natalie Portman’snew mascara ad is causing quite the controversy.  It seems Portman is sporting some amazing eye lashes in a Christian Dior ad that is causing other beauty companies to question the advertisement, claiming false advertising.

The ad has been banned for misleading women into thinking it would give them ‘lusher lashes’. The magazine advertisement, showing Portman staring into the camera with what is supposed to be her very own lush lashes, was challenged by beauty rival L’Oreal, who said the photo exaggerated the effects of the mascara.

Dior has admitted that the image of Portman had been digitally retouched, saying it was done to “increase the length and curve of a number of lashes” as some of the actress’s eyelashes were “missing or damaged” in the original photo. Natalie Portman has a defect? I don’t believe it.

The beauty company is claiming the “retouching” was minimal. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), disagrees and has banned the ad from being used again, saying it was misleading and exaggerated the effects of the mascara.


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