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Model Naomi Campbell Testifies in Liberian Blood Diamond Trial

I don't even know if you care about Naomi Campbell testifying before Charles Taylor's war crimes trial at The Hague, but I do. After years of excuses, Naomi finally showed up to testify when told she could be subject to a lengthy jail term if she did not. What she said was the vaguest, most useless crap ever, and contradicted what she had previously said, and contradicts pictures taken, and is only believable if you suspend all disbelief.

According to Naomi, she went to a party back in 1997. She said she barely remembers Taylor, despite the fact there were only like 10 people at this event, and she stood next to him smiling for pictures. She then testified she was awakened during the middle of the night, and that two men were standing there and said, "A gift for you," and handed her a pouch. The next part is crazy.

She said she put the pouch next to her bed without looking at it and went to sleep. She said this is normal, because people are always giving her gifts.

"I opened the pouch the next morning when I woke up... I saw a few stones in there, they were very small dirty-looking stones."

In earlier statements, she had said she got a huge uncut diamond. Now they are dirty pebbles, and she says she did not know they were diamonds, and had no idea who had given them to her. She then said she gave the dirty pebbles to a charity, but they have no record of ever having received them.

Everytime she opened her mouth, you could just see Charles Taylor's side smile. She basically took the position that she saw nothing, knows nothing, and does not want to get involved. Maybe she should go visit some of those mass graves in Liberia, many of which are because of the dirty little pebbles.


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