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Naomi Campbell's Bodyguards Carry Hot Sauce for Her

Fiery clotheshorse Naomi Campbell has her bodyguards carry her favourite hot sauce with them wherever she goes. Fact.

Campbell amazed onlookers with her spicy fetish while dining with her Russian fiancé Vladimir Doronin, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his lover Bar Refaeli on the Italian island of Capri this week.

Diners spotted the stroppy supermodel summoning her fella’s bodyguards to bring her the special condiment while she dined.

“She couldn’t indulge in food until her boyfriend’s bodyguard brought over her own salt and pepper shakers,” an onlooker told the New York Post.

But Campbell’s rep said: “It wasn’t salt and pepper, it’s her Jamaican hot sauce.”

Ha, talk about raising the diva ante.Mind you, what’s more intriguing is her choice of dinner companion…DiCaprio, the man who starred in Blood Diamond. Oh, the irony! Especially given her recent grilling over whether she received more than just “dirty little stones” from former Liberian leader Charles Taylor.


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