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Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Do Stairs

When she isn’t hurling telephones at people, Naomi Campbell is taking elevators and escalators, cuz b***h doesn’t do stairs, according to her former representative, Carole White, who said Naomi cancelled a promotional appearance for her perfume because the elevator broke down and she was required to walk up two flights of stairs.

The New York Post has obtained an affidavit from a lawsuit Naomi is currently facing with cosmetics firm Moodform Mission. She is being sued for backing out of a fragrance deal with the company. She failed to meet her obligations for the promotional aspect of the perfume, including backing out of a 2000 appearance in Australia because of the stairs. According to White:

Her failure to show was not only embarrassing, but caused friction with (the) Wella (perfume) people in Australia.”

Co-director of Moodform Mission Chris Owen alleges that Campbell was constantly late for meetings, and even tried to attack him with a bottle. He should be a little more understanding, given there were probably not any phones in the vicinity. This shows flexibility on Naomi’s part, yes? The girl can improvise at the drop of a hat.

And, of course, being the misunderstood diva she is, Campbell’s people have said the lawsuit is "ridiculousand absurd."


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