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NY Nanny Drugs Child with Benadryl to Make Job Easier

These kinds of stories always make me think. A nanny in New York was arrested and charged with second degree assault and child endangerment.

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The reason? She was giving a 4 month old baby Benadryl to make the child more manageable and to make her job easier.

The nanny, who has been watching kids for the past ten years knew there were nanny cams in the house but went ahead and gave the infant drops anyway. On one occasion the mother of the baby saw it and rushed home and confronted the nanny. It had happened at least three times that were caught on tape.

It makes you wonder just what the heck goes on when you are not with your child. Most people have not installed cams or they take their child to daycare and have no clue what is going on.

I know most nannies are great and fantastic and do a wonderful job with the children they care for, but even if 99.9% of all nannies are great, that is still a bunch of children being watched by that other .01.


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