Nancy Grace: Pastie, Not a Nipple, on 'Dancing with the Stars'


Nancy Grace went on Twitter to say that she didn't reveal a nipple on 'Dancing with the Stars,' but rather a pastie. A true attorney, she produced the evidence: a picture of herself holding a packet of pasties entitled "Evidence re my alleged 'wardrobe malfunction' which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra."

Grace acknowledged the "seismic shift (that) occurred in my bra," but stood firm in her assertion that no nipples were flashed.

Grace and partner Tristan MacManus scored 21 points for their quickstep Monday night and progressed to the next round.

Grace thanked her fans, tweeting: "THANK YOU thank you! #DWTS We are safe! On to the next dance! You guys are my courage! And my lucky charm :) @TristanMacManus!! xx."

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