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Naked Man Gets Locked Out of Hotel Room, Cameras Capture his Struggle

The Internet has made one embarrassingly naked man famous after photos and video of him being locked out of his hotel room went viral.

The footage was captured by security cameras, and shows the man going outside of his room to place room service remnants on the ground.

When he puts them down, he looks at his door confused, realizing he just locked himself out. He attempts to open it, and, of course, it’s locked. He struggles for a few seconds, trying to figure out what to do, and two people walk by.

He quickly covers his privates and leans on the wall until they pass.

He waits until the coast is clear and makes his way to the elevator using two small napkins to cover his front and back.

Once the elevator finally arrives, he steps on and scoots over to a corner, the furthest away he could get from a mother and her young son. Upon seeing him, the mother covers her son’s eyes and turns his head in the other direction. They, unsurprisingly, get off on the next floor.

The man then walks through the somewhat crowded lobby and makes his way to the front desk. After telling the woman he needs a key, she seems shocked and walks away. A man then asks how he can help him, and he again states he needs a key.

The front desk agent asks for his room number, types it into the system, and asks for his ID.

The man says he has no clothes on, and the receptionist asks again for his ID.

It ends when the naked guy gets angry at the receptionist and repeats that he has no clothes on.

On YouTube, the clip has more than 50,000. Many viewers are questioning the validity of the 2:36 minute clip as some believe it was set up.


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