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Octomom Going on Welfare?

If Radar is to be believed, Nadya Suleman is headed to the welfare rolls. The mother of 14 who must be the only mother of 14 not employed by TLC is out of money, and the cost of raising all the kids is not going down anytime soon.

"Nadya has nannies and huge expenses raising 14 children. She needs a lot of money just to keep up with the basics. And now the income has dried up, and she didn't make enough in the past year and a half to live off of it."

Nady has always been in dire financial circumstances. When the octuplets were first born, everyone was happy for her and there was a positive vibe. Then it was discovered that she did it to get famous. Well, she got her wish, but now she struggles while people who had 6 babies or have a baseball team filled with children are making big bucks.


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