Nadya Suleman aka 'Octomom' to Work as Stripper

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It’s too bad we here at Allie is Wired don’t have an “Eeeew!” category, because this totally belongs THERE!

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, aka wanna-be-of-the-century, *shocks* us with another scandalous turn in her “career”. Following her stint as a solo porn star (I.E. no one wanted to have sex with her on film) she has decided that becoming a stripper would be the next logical step in her ever booming rise to the top.

According to the folks over at TMZ, Octo will be taking the stage at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, in Florida. The club promotes an all-nude girl lineup, but seeing as Suleman has class she will only be dancing topless, and will NOT be doing any lap dances.

(Even as I wrote that I cringed.)

Claiming that she feels “sexually liberated” since filming her porno, she decided to take on the stripping gig to promote the film. According to TMZ’s sources she will be making thousands of dollars for the stint, and will perform 2 shows per night from July 11th till July 15th.

Hmm, maybe she can take some of that cash and actually use it to take care of her 14 children for once, and not on more plasticsurgery which makes her look less and less like a real human being and more like a science experiment that has gone terribly wrong.

On the other hand… Nah. Excuse me while I go throw up again…

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