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No Jail: Pop Star Nadja Benaissa Knowingly Gave Boyfriend HIV

The German pop singer Nadja Benaissa was found guilty of causing bodily harm to her ex-boyfriend when she had unprotected sex with him knowing she was HIV positive.

Her ex was infected as a result of this encounter. She could have been sentenced to ten years in jail, but a judge in Germany gave her a suspended two-year sentence and 300 hours of community service. The prosecutor said he was fine with the sentence because she showed remorse, and that it happened a long time ago when she was younger.

Well, sure anything that happened in the past would make the person younger, but she was 24 at the time. A microbiologist was able to determine that the ex-boyfriend had the same type of strain of AIDS virus because it is an extremely rare strain.

I am on the fence about this. The guy has to live with this for the rest of his life and she should have told him, but at the same time, he does share some responsibility to be safe.

She should have told him. I do know that she should have to pay his medical bills for the rest of his life, but maybe no jail was right. What do you think?

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