Battle of Bad Music: Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian


Paris Hilton is soon to do battle with another talentless star, Kim Kardashian – the venue will be the music charts and the weapons will be BAD songs.

Kathy Hilton, the American television host and actress, could see her daughter Paris go head-to-head with Kim Kardashian this summer after the latter released her debut single yesterday (2nd March 2011).

Kathy has consistently encouraged her daughter’s foray into the music business, and Paris revealed details of her forthcoming album earlier this week. Speaking at Usher’s pre-Grammy Awards party, the 30-year-old promised her second record would hit shelves ‘in the next couple of months’ and that she has collaborated with a number of high profile names. The socialite released her first album ‘Paris’ back in 2006, which spawned the hit single ‘Stars Are Blind’.

Paris may have competition in the charts this summer, after her rival Kardashian premiered her debut single ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’ on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show yesterday. The useless dance track has been compared to Hilton’s ‘sound’ and although the reality star cooled rumours of an album, it is assumed that she will release further material later in the year. Neither Paris nor Kim have the slightest drop of musical talent or ability.

When these two celebs ‘design’ perfume we are safe because the real work is done by talented experts and all these two socialite phonies do is lend their name to the finished product. But with music it is different. No matter how overproduced the final product we are still treated to the voices of two women who are as good at singing as they are at modesty – in other words their songs suck the big one.

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