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MTV Movie Awards Host Aziz Ansari Great Example for Muslim Kids - Muslim Matters - Your Article on Ansari is Garbage

Dear Muslim Matters,

I understand you have Freedom of Speech but please make some sense when you write an article. I don't know if the point of your article was to recite from the Quran, reject American Pop-Culture or criticize Aziz Ansari. You did a horrible job of conveying any sense of an argument. I felt so offended by your article I decided to post my response. I love to hear a response. Cheers.


For those who never read Muslim Matters article:



Please believe I am trying my hardest to understand your views but am finding it difficult to comprehend what you are saying.

Its obvious you are disgruntled with the American pop culture machine and view it as "torture " comparable as "torture would be at the hands of the US military or intelligence community." A little dramatic but I get it. This view is shared by many Americans - distraught by what they believe is a "dumbing down" of society. Understandable. Thanks you Paris (pause) - Hilton that is

The part I do not understand is your title, "MTV Movie Awards Host Aziz Ansari Bad Example for Muslim Kids" - which obviously is based on the fact that a man of of Tamil Muslim origins considers himself an atheist. Listen buddy, I know in your narrow-minded small world everyone should be born and die a Muslim but Aziz Ansari did nothing wrong but live his life to his own creed. 

I wonder why you wrote about Ansari and not Tom Cruise, Snoop Dog, or the funny asian guy from Hangover - since obviously none of these men are Muslims either the last time I checked. I'm sure if Ansari claimed he was Muslim - you would love him to death. Its your own "misplaced pride" that leads you to disapprove of Ansari. How can one of our own who made it disassociate himself from Islam. Easy - its called freedom of religion. The notion that Aziz Ansari will corrupt your children is paranoid and absurd. If you fear so much for the safety of your children - please build a bomb shelter and go away - the blueprint is already set for you - check out the film Blast from the Past featuring Brendan Fraser. 

Finally, I read the same NY Times article as you and have a much greater appreciation for Ansari after reading the article. Besides the fact that he went to the prestigious NYU as an undergrad followed by a MBA at NYU Stern - the man followed his dream to be a comedian. And now, the hard work has finally paid off, he hosted the MTV Awards and will appear in three films for Apatow Productions. I found this to be the greatest indication of Ansari's dedication to his craft from the article, "What Mr. Ansari won’t do is exploit his minority status for laughs, or make it the focus of his comedy. You won’t hear him opining about his parents’ background as Tamil Muslims from India." Obviously you didn't understand what this meant. The man wants to be known as a comedian - not just a "Indian, Tamil, Muslim, yadda, yadda" comedian. Besides, we already have Russell Peters for that material. 

Finally, I'd like you to know that I come from a Muslim family . I am a recent college grad trying to find myself and my beliefs. I wish I could change your opinion but I cannot. I only defend Ansari because he has done nothing wrong and I find him quite funny. 

One Love


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