MTV Covering Up "Jersey Shore" Fistfight?


When The Situation got his butt kicked by Ronnie on Monday in Italy, it was pretty obvious that was what happened. I mean, The Situation had a black eye, Ronnie had scraped knuckles. I guess the great abs does not really help you when you are getting punched in the face by a guy twice your size.

MTV, though, either wants everyone to watch the show and to be able to tease this later or is going to try and forget about it happening because it does not work into the storyline they have going this season. The network says that The Situation received medical treatment for an injury sustained in the house. That kind of sounds like he slipped and fell, or got an STD from the two women he smushed at once the other night.

I wonder if one of the guys had done this to a female member of the cast, if MTV could have got away with saying an injury sustained in the house.


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