New iPhone and iPad App Finds Movies Nearby, Buys Tickets - Fast

Some apps get their value by glitz and wow, but the ones that actually get used on a regular basis simply do work. Usually, pretty simple works too, but in an incredibly convenient way. Such is the case with Movies Now (or MoviesNow, or MoviesNow HD), an app for iPhone and iPad that has been getting a lot of attention recently.

It’s so simple in fact, that it largely defies description. It’s an App that will tell you what movies are playing near you, and though there are a few intricacies to the way it works, that’s about it. Rather powerful in its simplicity, the app will list movies by title, by theater, and working from the title, by time. Want to see a movie now? Here you go.

You can also buy your tickets right from the App, if the theater works with Movietickets.com.

It isn’t quite the greatest thing since sliced bread, and doesn’t load up on countless bells and whistles, but it’s a handy app that performs its task well. Slick and fast, Movies Now will get you to the theater, and make sure you’ve covered all your options.

Though checking showtimes and buying tickets is great, I like the added bonus of getting all the listings in one place. You may run into a movie you weren’t aware of, because you just don’t always check the smaller theaters whenever you’re in a movie mood.

The iPad version includes some increased functionality as well, giving you options for more info about the films, and this will apparently be coming to the iPhone as well.

You might wonder about this one going in, but frequent moviegoers may be surprised how much they come to depend on this slick little number.

Check out a quick video below.

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