"MoviePass," Dubbed "Real Life Netflix," Canceled


A movie service that some people dubbed the "real life Netflix" was canceled this past weekend because theaters refused to go along with the plan.

"MoviePass" would have charged people $50 a month to allow them to go to the theater as often as they want.

There was supposed to be a test run in San Francisco over the holiday weekend, but the folks at MoviePass never got clearance from two of the largest movie chains in the nation -- AMC and Landmark, according to a report from Deadline.com. Without those theaters cooperating, the test had no chance to succeed.

MoviePass said it is on "temporary hiatus," although Deadline doubts the service will attempt a comeback. It writes:

That Moviepass counted six AMC theaters in its test run without actually getting clearance from that chain or from Landmark, probably qualifies this as one of the most boneheaded stillborn launches in recent entertainment history.

Before the test was canceled, MoviePass’ co-founder Stacy Spikes told Wired, “We’re enthusiastic that once we can walk [the theater chains] through the service they’ll be excited... The silver lining of all of this is that this has created the ability to have that dialog now.”


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