Moviegoers Faint at "127 Hours" Premiere


Actor James Franco says "127 Hours" is making people faint and get sick. The harrowing movie, in which Franco stars as a mountainclimber who cuts off his own arm to free himself when he becomes trapped under a giant boulder, premiered in the UK on October 29 and the US on November 2. Several moviegoers just couldn't handle the intensity.

"I have heard that people have passed out," Franco told People Magazine. "But I have also heard that the people who have passed out have come back and seen the rest of the movie. It shows that people are invested in the movie and connected to the character."

One woman didn't manage to make it back to the movie theater: she suffered a seizure at the Los Angeles premiere of the movie. Franco, director Danny Boyle, Orlando Bloom, Minnie Driver, Kellan Lutz and Mark Ruffalo were all in attendance. The woman was rushed to hospital.

"[The woman] said that it had nothing to do with the film," Boyle told the nervously chuckling audience after the movie was over. It was true; the woman's seizure was diabetes-related.

Franco said he felt fine when he watches "127 Hours" -- and that surprised him. "I usually have a problem with blood," he said, "specifically blood on my arm."


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