Movie Trailer: Louise and Martine Fokkens, 70 Year-Old Twins, Worked as Prostitutes for 40+ Years

Louise and Martine Fokkens, both 70, are identical twins. For over 40 years they worked as prostitutes in Amsterdam.

A new documentary about the sisters, 'Meet the Fokkens,' is a portrait of these women, as well as a history of the Red Light District over the past fifty years. The film (video below) will be released later this month.

Known as the “oldest window girls” in Amsterdam, the Fokkens freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes. They are familiar faces in Amsterdam's Red Light District, which they are planning to leave.

The sisters dress and speak identically and often talk over each other in a way that is almost impossible to understand, but they never made money for talking.


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