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Movie Trailer for 'The Company You Keep' Starring Robert Redford (Video)

Most celebs obeyed the Easter curfew and stayed indoors hiding from the rabbits, but a few braved the eggpocalypse to attend the premiere of Shia LaBeouf and Robert Redford’s new film The Company You Keep.

There was Cuba Gooding Jr, Albert Hammond Jr (no relation), Anna Chlumsky, Kyle MacLachlan, Zosia Mamet, Stanley Tucci and some people who are probably like their equivalent of Samantha Faiers. We just don’t know.

We should probably tell you about the film but we’d not heard of it till this morning so would only be passing off information we found on IDMB as if it was our own. It’s about some men.

Here’s a trailer. Doesn’t look to be full of laughs.


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