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Movie Review: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Takes You to Places of Darkness

O.M.G. What an intense film! My knuckles were white from clinging onto my seat. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ took me to a place of darkness. There was a dash of unexpected humor, too, but I wasn’t able to muster a smile. I was after all, on a manhunt for the most wanted man in America:Osama Bin Laden.

I remember like everyone else where they were when September 11thhappened. It was a dark page in our history. As a New Yorker, this hunt was personal. It took two Presidents to take Bin Laden down. The wait was so long, I gave up on the hope of ever finding him. But they did, and it was all in the hands of a young woman, Maya (Jessica Chastain).

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ directed by Kathryn Bigelow, is based on first hand accounts of the search for Bin Laden. The movie opened with audio but no picture. It was just audio recounting the events of September 11th. It was quite profound. And then it chronicled the events leading up to Bin Laden’s death. The manhunt was spearheaded by Maya, a CIA officer, a brilliant one at that. Not to get all feminist on you guys, but it felt good to know a young woman was at the helm.

I have to say, it was such a tough job for her. How can you find one man among many terrorists? A needle in a haystack. And if that wasn’t hard enough, she had to find a moving target. I got frustrated watching her chase lead after lead and got nothing. She had to separate the truth from the lies. How can you believe a terrorist? But she was brilliant, she was able to piece it all together. At times, it seemed hopeless, yet she stuck to her guns.

Kathryn Bigelow didn’t show much brutality when the terrorists were tortured by a CIA officer. I supposed that was a political move. She did show what we’ve heard in the news, water-boarding and other forms of torture. Personally, I thought it was quite gentle compared to what the terrorist do to American hostages. I mean, who puts a mat down to help cushion the blow?

I admit, when I heard the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, I didn’t buy it. I needed proof. There were so many rumors flying around. That is why I had to see this film. When the CIA finally located the hideout, it took them months to smoke him out. I buckled up and went along for the ride. This was where I was straight up terrified. Thoughts were running through my mind, what if it wasn’t Bin Laden in that ‘fortress.’ The CIA would’ve wasted so much time on the wrong leads. My thoughts were silenced when the Navy SEAL Team 6 stormed the compound. It was explosive. They got the job done. Osama Bin Laden was dead. I believe he is dead now. The world’s most notorious man was snuffed out. Just. Like. That.

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ storms into theaters December 19.  Please visit ourmovie reviewssection to check out more reviews!


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