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"Wrath of the Titans" (Warner Pictures)

When "Clash of the Titans" was released a few years ago it met with box office success but little critical acclaim. I was one of those underwhelmed by it. This caused me to be less than excited by the release of its sequel ìWrath of the Titans.î In this case, however, maybe my lack of expectations made me enjoy the film more. The filmís continuous action sequences did entertain me and the movie ended up being more than I expected it to be.

The storyline is forgettable and confusing, or maybe it is forgettable because it is so confusing. Perseus (Sam Worthington) is the son off Zeus (Liam Neeson). He is a demigod, which means half human half god, and wants to spend his life just being human and raising his son. His wife is dead and he is very protective of the boy. Zeus however needs him to help him fight the other gods in order to keep Zeusí father Kronos trapped in the underworld.

Zeusí brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) is the guardian of the underworld and is leaning toward letting his father Kronos go free. He is assisted by Ares (Edgar Ramirez), another son of Zeus? Poseidon (Danny Huston) is another brother of Zeus and works with him to try to convince Hades that Kronos should stay in the underworld.

When Poseidon comes to Perseus and tells him Zeus has been captured by Ares and Hades, Perseus teams up with Poseidonís son Agenor (Tony Kebbel) and Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike) to try to save his father. With the help of a seer named Hephaestus (Bill Nighy) they find a way to get into the underworld.

While all this plot is taking place there are multiple battles with creatures with several heads, or Cyclops with one eye. It is all exciting and takes your mind off the complexities of the story. You can watch the special effects and marvel at how good they are and never once worry about who is Zeus and who is Poseidon. In one particular special effect some of the characters turn to dust before your eyes.

Worthington doesnít have a classic look to him. He looks as if he could be a common fisherman who is drafted into the battles. Neeson looks like a cross between Moses and Methuselah. Rosamund Pike, well she looks just great.

In this movie it is the action not the acting that is important. Plus if you have monsters you want them to look credible and the ones included here do. And when Perseus climbs up on Pegasus and rides this horse with wings into the sky you donít want it to look cheesy and it doesnít.

The movie is rated PG-13 for violence.

"Wrath of the Titans" is a much better movie than I expected, and a much better movie than "Clash of the Titans." Maybe the moviemakers learned from their mistakes on the first film. In any event I was entertained.

I scored "Wrath of the Titans" an epic 6 out of 10

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