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"The Three Stooges" (20th Century Fox)

When I entered the theater to review “The Three Stooges” I was convinced I was going to be bored to tears. I have never been a fan of the Three Stooges brand of comedy and didn’t think this movie was going to change my attitude. Just the thought of all the slapstick routines I was going to have to endure made me a bit nauseous. So for the first fifteen minutes or so of the movie I was very uncomfortable. 

It was about the time that the three guys – Larry (Sean Hayes), Curly (Will Sasso) and Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos) – headed to the city (Atlanta) to try to raise funds to save the orphanage in which they were raised, that I began to convert to their side. Each additional scene totally won me over.

It was something about the purity of their mission and the simple ways in which they addressed any conflict that put me on their side. Now that’s not to say I would race to see a “Stooges” sequel but I probably would enjoy the next one more because of the simplicity of this original.

The casting people had a major endeavor on their hands because of the country’s familiarity with the original Larry, Curly and Moe. They had to find actors who could be made to look like the originals and also do the physical requirements of each role. They hit pay dirt when they located Hayes, Diamantopoulos and Sasso. These guys virtually become “The Three Stooges.”

The supporting cast is also a real plus. Jane Lynch is cast against type as the kindly Mother Superior. Jennifer Hudson uses her magical voice as Sister Rosemary. Sofia Vergara is a comic wonder as a woman who wants to get rid of her husband and will pay the Stooges to get it done. Larry David is a bolt out of the blue as Sister Mary Mengele.

The movie is rated PG for comic violence. 

‘The Three Stooges” is a movie the entire family can enjoy, especially if they enjoy the eye gouges, the nyuk nyuks, the open handed slaps and the other forms of physical comedy. Thankfully there is a public message of sorts at the end that tells kids not to try this “humorous violence” at home.

You might think this movie would be one to avoid but by the time these three stooges finish telling their tale you will at least be mildly amused, and maybe even more so. I was a skeptic going in, but came out a real supporter.

I scored “The Three Stooges” a slapped and gouged 7 out of 10.

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