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Movie Review: "That's My Boy"

“That’s My Boy.” (Columbia Pictures)

Adam Sandler swerves his career from family friendly to raunchy with his new film “That’s My Boy.” This new flick has a few laughs in it but they are covered up by the stench of the crudeness that permeates every pore of this half baked movie. If Sandler thought his core base of fans would follow him from “Grownups” to this movie he was wildly delusional. This one is strictly for the “Hangover” addicts and even they will find this amateurish comedy hard to swallow.

The movie focuses on Donny Berger (Sandler), a man who had a child when he was in his early high school years. He was attracted to one of his teachers, Miss McGarricle (Eva Amurri Martino) and began a sexual relationship with her. When the affair was discovered Miss McGarricle was sent to prison while Donny was given custody of their baby.

Years later Donny is on the hook for fifty grand and the only way he can raise that kind of money is to get his alienated son Han (Adam Samberg) to go with him to the prison and reunite with his mother on live TV. His son, now known as Todd, wants nothing to do with Donny or his scheme.

It doesn’t help that Donny has appeared in his son’s life when he is going to be married in a few days. His bride to be Jamie (Leighton Meester) isn’t crazy about Donny either but all of her family is. Thinking he is Todd’s best friend they insist he join the festivities. And it goes on from there.

The humor is all of the gross out kind with various sexual activities that even includes incest. That’s pretty surprising but in a movie that features Vanilla Ice as one of the guest stars audiences shouldn’t expect much in the way of taste. In addition to Mr. Ice the cast also includes Tony Orlando, James Caan, Ana Gasteyer and Susan Sarandon. They do nothing to enhance the quality of the film.

In the past Sandler has had some movies that were not popular with critics who said he had lost his edge. “That’s My Boy” might appeal to them but it won’t appeal to general audiences. The obscenity filled story line is weak and non-entertaining. Sandler overacts throughout and the supporting cast just goes along for the ride. Even Samberg, who is a pretty funny guy, just gets lost in all the mess.

The movie is rated R for profanity, nudity and sexual situations.

Sandler’s next film is supposed to be “Grownups 2.” Maybe his fans will have forgiven this fiasco by the time it is released and will show back up to buy tickets. Still it is going to take some time to forget the bad taste of this one.

I scored “That’s My Boy” a familial 4 out of 10.

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