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Movie Review: "Project X"

"Project X" (Warner Brothers)

"Project X" is ìHangoverî for the high school crowd, but everything that worked in ìHangoverî doesnít work here. This means the excessive drinking, the free use of drugs, the bawdy scenes filled with naked young women and the message that there are no rules when it comes to any attempt at being cool arenít funny in the least. For a movie of this type to work it had better be hilarious.

The film is reported to be based on an actual event involving Australian Corey Delaney. His big party occurred in 2006. The party in this film takes place in modern day North Pasadena and involves a seventeen year old named Thomas (Thomas Mann). Well it is actually his seventeenth birthday and since his parents are going out of town his best buddies, Costas (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) talk him into throwing a huge birthday bash at his house.

The party gets out of control when a thousand or more "guests" show up for the fun. This results in tons of damage to Thomasí house and other houses in his neighborhood. There is also a lot of underage drinking and excessive drug use. As an added attraction there is also a bunch of girls gone wild who jump into the family pool.

The whole movie is just one big bacchanalia for teenage kids. There are no adults on the premises although an older guy does hang around the party. When the police show up, and it was inevitable that they would, they are easily conned by the party givers and leave without correcting any actions.

The sad thing about this movie is it leaves its audience with the clear impression that even though there will be repercussions it was all worth it since Thomas ends up as a cool kid. Even his parents are in awe.

The actors in the film are competent with Cooper creating one of the most obnoxious ìbest friendsî anyone ever had. The only recognizable face is that of Miles Teller who plays a ìguest.î He was seen in the Christopher Penn role in the ìFootlooseî remake.

The film is rated R for profanity, nudity and violence. It should have lived up to its name and been rated "X".

"Hangover" found an audience for adult males who saw it as wish fulfillment. Sadly this movie will probably provide the same response in teenagers. There is not one person in the film who voices any opposition to the craziness of the "event."

I scored "Project X" a hung over 2 out of 10.

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

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