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"Mirror, Mirror" (Relativity)

Julia Roberts takes on the role of the evil Queen in the Snow White fairy tale and puts her own spin on her in the new movie "Mirror, Mirror." Along with Roberts portrayal, the film adds some distinctive touches all its own and creates a family friendly film that is both comedic and romantic. It hits all the marks for success but never takes it to that next level where it would have been a smash.

Snow White (Lily Collins) is the daughter of the King (Sean Bean). Her mother has been long dead and one day her father disappears into the forest surrounding his kingdom. His widow, the evil Queen, takes over the Kingdom and pretty much keeps Snow White as a prisoner. But around her eighteenth birthday Snow White meets a handsome young prince named Alcott (Armie Hammer), and this interferes with the Queenís plans. She wants to marry the young Prince and use his riches to pay off her debts.

So now she has to get rid of Snow White. She sends her into the forest with her main servant Brighton (Nathan Lane) and tells him to kill her. Instead he sets her free and leaves her in the forest. There she meets up with seven dwarfs who are highwaymen. They agree to help Snow White fight the Queen and save the Kingdom. And so it goes.

Roberts has a lot of fun with the role of the evil Queen, poking fun at herself and the whole aging process. She has a lot of throwaway lines however that just donít have the effect they should have. The same is true of Collinsí Snow White. She is very pretty and is strong enough to battle the Queen, but somehow she never captures the audienceís attention like she should.

Hammer is the living personification of the handsome Prince but he comes off just a little bland. He looks the part; he just doesnít live the part. By the same token Nathan Lane is one of the funniest men alive, but in this movie he just isnít that funny. You expect more and never get it.

What are delivered are beautiful costumes and astounding sets. The look of this movie is fantastic. One defect though is the forest. Here it is supposedly bitter cold as snow is all over the ground and the lake it is near is frozen. Still no one ever gets cold there. Men run around without shirts while maidens move with bare feet, yet no one complains about the cold.

The movie is rated PG for mild violence.

"Mirror, Mirror" is a good movie that the whole family should enjoy. Sadly it just never moves up to that point of being great, which is where it belongs.

I scored "Mirror, Mirror" a dwarfed 6 out of 10.

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