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"Lockout" (Film District)

The new film “Lockout” is basically “Die Hard” in outer space. You have a tense hostage situation with a beautiful female as the one being held. You have a wise-cracking tough guy of the Bruce Willis mode, seemingly not taking anything serious but making great strides in getting things accomplished. Wrap it all up with a crazed villain who will kill you as quick as he looks at you and you have a movie that is fun and frightening.

Guy Pierce plays Snow, a federal agent who has gotten into some trouble with his bosses. Just when they are deciding what to do with him they get word that the President’s daughter (Maggie Grace) is on an information mission at the space prison. There has been a riot and she may be in danger. Who do you call? You call Snow, as he is the best person for the job of rescuing her.

The rest of the movie concerns Snow going up against a huge number of wild convicts and trying to rescue the girl. And all the time he is fighting he always has a flip answer to any question.

Pierce plays the smart mouthed agent with the greatest of ease. He is bulked up for the role and his demeanor is picture perfect for the cool agent. You totally buy his charm and his ability to rescue the girl.

Maggie Grace is used to playing the person in peril. She did it on the TV series “Lost” and she played it even more so in the movie “Taken.” She has a little more control of her fate in this movie and it fits her well.

Peter Stomare is effective as Snow’s boss. I first learned of him in the TV series “Prison Break.” He was a favorite there and is also good in his role here. Joseph Gilgun is nightmarish in his role as Hydell, the man in charge of the prisoners and the deadliest killer of them all.

The film is rated PG-13 for violence and profanity.

“Lockout” is a pale imitation of the original “Die Hard”, and nobody plays smart-mouthed like Willis does. Still Pierce creates a fascinating hero, and the excitement is enough to keep you entertained for the length of the film.

I scored “Lockout” a shut down 6 out of 10.

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