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“Good Deeds” (Lionsgate)

Tyler Perry plays it straight in his new movie “Good Deeds.” There is no Madea lurking about anywhere in this film. Plus there is no jarring drama mixed with comedy that has affected his other efforts. This is a dramatic movie about a man’s efforts to help the world one person at a time.

Wesley Deeds (Perry) is the head of the family business and this causes some problems with his brother Walt (Brian White). Walt thinks he is being cheated out of his inheritance because his mother Wilimena (Phylicia Rashad) prefers Wesley over him.

Wesley doesn’t really want to be the head of the company but he is an obedient son and feels he owes it to his mother and to his father’s memory. He has his life well regulated in that he eats the same foods, keeps the same schedule, and is always mild mannered and in control. This suddenly changes when Lindsey (Thandie Newton) comes into his life.

Lindsey is a single mother with more problems than she can handle. She works as a cleaning person in the Deeds Building in San Francisco. That is where she meets Wesley and it is not a good first meeting. But Lindsey doesn’t have time to be anything other than what she is. Her daughter is her first priority and she will do anything to protect her.

The evolution of Lindsey and Wesley’s relationship makes up the heart of the story. They are as opposite as day and night but they both have something inside them from which the other can learn. Seeing what it is and where it goes makes for good entertainment.

Perry wrote, directed, produced and stars in this movie. He can do it all and usually does. Still he is not the outstanding actor in this film. That honor must be divided between White and Rashad. Although their roles in this film are small they make an impact each and every time they appear on screen. Right behind them is Newton who portrays fear, grief and determination in equal measures.

The plot is interesting but a little too pat and predictable. Still this is one of Perry’s most enjoyable movies and one that presents him to America as a leading man. Seeing him in this role makes us anticipate his performance as Alex Cross in that new series of movies which is upcoming.

This movie is rated PG-13 for profanity and mild violence.

Tyler Perry is a genius at making movies. They always deliver the entertainment and “Good Deeds” certainly does that. It isn’t an over the top piece of entertainment but it is a quietly enjoyable one.

I scored “Good Deeds” a well done 6 out of 10.

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