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Movie Review: "Act of Valor"

Movie Review                                         
“Act of Valor"

“Act of Valor” is a unique film in that it portrays events involving Navy SEALs that are based on true events. SEAL stands for Sea, Air, Land: the three areas where these warriors face combat. This movie also uses real Navy SEALs to portray the characters in the movie. Their names are not shown in the credits in an effort to keep their real identities secret. Of course with their faces being shown how much help can this be? In any event the film comes off as a massively patriotic adventure with real life heroes.

The basic plot of the film highlights the SEALs being involved in keeping a terrorist from sending people armed with bombs into the United States. This takes a SEALs Unit all over the world and into all kinds of combat. The SEALs show their strengths in combat and their rare abilities in taking down the enemy.

The film has an ongoing narration from one of the characters writing a letter to the child of a SEAL that has been lost in combat. It isn’t difficult to quickly learn who that character is but the letter helps explain the nobleness of the SEALs cause. It also creates an emotional link to the characters.

Hollywood actors such as Roselyn Sanchez are incorporated into the story. She plays Lisa Morales, a CIA operative who is captured and tortured. Part of the SEALs mission is to locate and rescue her. This fascinating activity makes up the first part of the movie.

The use of real life SEALs is a brilliant stroke on the part of the filmmakers. The men of the Navy acquit themselves without embarrassment and create believable roles. And when it comes to the physical activity they are more than up for the job.

The movie is rated R for profanity and violence.

It is time we had a film that gives us some heroes. “Act of Valor” does that and more. It gives us a complete unit of heroes and watching them do their duties which protect you and me is a thrilling viewing event. Take the time to watch this movie and feel those old patriotic feelings that might have been dormant for a while.

I scored “Act of Valor” a brave 7 out of 10.

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