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More Sex Assault Claims Against John Travolta

Two more men have now come forward with their stories about actor John Travolta’s inappropriate conduct. This makes a whopping total of seven men with similar tales.

The two latest accusers include a masseur identified only as “Jeff”, who worked at the luxury Eden Roc Resort in Miami, and the other accuser from Seattle is a 48-year-old former hotel employee at the Westin Hotel in Seattle.

“Hearing about all the cases now, I regret not saying something sooner,” Jeff told the Daily News. “He was putting his hands where he wanted me to work and kind of grinding on the table. At one point, he actually pulled my hand between his legs, up to his scrotum.”

Jeff said Travolta apologized after he rejected his advances so the masseur continued the massage.

“I started working on his other leg, and it all started back up again. He started putting his butt up in the air. I was just trying to do whatever I could to distract him, but he started getting aggressive and grabbed my hand again,” Jeff explained.

Travolta then reportedly started masturbating at the end of the session and said, “It’s okay, you can do it. No one’s going to know.”

The Seattle accuser told of his incident with the “Pulp Fiction” star, stating, “He came up right behind me and grabbed my a–. I turned around and saw that his penis was out of his pants.”

Travolta reportedly offered the man $100 for sex but was again turned down.

The actor’s attorney has vehemently denied all of the allegations and dismissed each one as “ridiculous and false claims.”

John Doe #2’s was just identified in the press as John Truesdale. He is a 40-year-old massage therapist was the second man to accuse John Travolta, 58, of sexual battery.

Truesdale is a former high school football player and former U.S. Army medic.

Gloria Allred, who is now representing the first two accusers, has reportedly reached out to Travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer. It looks as if they are negotiating settlements for the victims.


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