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More 'Power' to Him: Kanye West Proves Genius Again

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By Jacques "Jooks" Morel

With the voraciousness of this generation’s Hip Hop, statements need to be made on a regular basis. And you agree with me; Jay Z declared Auto-Tune dead, 50 Cent punked Ja Rule, and "Illmatic" is a certified classic.

I feel each artist has a service to the unified fans of this genre. It is written in the unseen contract they sign once they become…”Hip Hop famous” (whatever that is now-a-days…give me a break bro).

Essentially we look on them as exaggerated persona’s of OURSELVES (living out the little kid in all of us, drinking all the booze, fucking all the girls, and smoking all the damn weed WE (THEY) want). They must make the statements for the generation.

Kanye West (yeah it took me this long to get to the inevitable) had the most anticipated Hip Hop video ever…before Jersey Shore on 8/5/10. The next day, 8/6/10 lead people to mock, laugh, and sit in bewilderment at Kanye’s painting.

We found out that it was not a video, instead a “moving painting”. Kanye, with such a “Power”ful single seemingly squandered that to display a…painting. We were all expecting such a powerful video; the numerous behind the scenes video acted the same way a naked, coy Megan Fox would act – cockteasingly good in anticipation but lackluster in its presentation.

Well I feel the exact opposite.

Kanye had everyone expecting an epic video and delivered a painting instead. I feel that move 100%. Some could point out that his single was on the verge of becoming #1; with a viable video the song could realistically reach that height.

Kanye made a statement with that painting. He told the music world to step their creativity up. He capitalized on a form which no one has seen before the video. The moving images are all “so Kanye” especially the models with the horns. Doing something we’d expect from Lady Gaga, the “Power” video can be seen as a tolerated publicity stunt.
But what are we really mad about anyway?

Isn’t this what we expected? Groundbreaking and controversial…how could we not see it coming? This makes me think that "Good Ass Job" (which isn’t the name anymore) is going to be just that: a good ass job.

You do not think it”ll help him sell albums? Ha, wait till they make it into a commercial!



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