More Blake Lively iPhone Photos Released

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MORE nude photos of Blake Lively have been leaked and apparently it is a hacker who has a major grudge or something. Yesterday Blake Lively’s reps insisted the pictures were not Blake. I told you why I actually thought it was her (although at first I didn’t think it was).

NSFW – Blake Lively Nude iPhone Photos Leaked – Reps Say ‘Fake’

Well the psycho hacker has released more pictures of her clothed this time and it is totally her (in my opinion anyways). What do you think? Blake or not?

I’m not justifying this guy from hacking into her phone or computer to get these photos (nor am I justifying my posting them because that is just as wrong I do realize) but I do not, for the life of me, understand why girls do this. And yes if the photos or phone is stolen it is totally wrong and a complete invasion of one’s rights, but the ONLY way to mitigate something like that is to NOT take pictures of yourself nude. It really is that simple. In this day and age in technology you have to be extremely careful. And in her industry? Why would she trust anyone?

Anyways, this hacker is pissed that her reps are denying it’s Blake and has issued a warning to the reps via TMZ:

“Oh, yes, Blake’s rep. These are totally fake.  We really, really believe you.  Want moar?  BTW, thanks for all the faps.” (FYI: “faps” is a reference to pleasuring oneself)

Apparently there are 17 more pictures released. You have to wonder if this is an ex-boyfriend or what?

Photos: TMZ


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