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Is Monty Python Reuniting for Film?

Twitter got over excited this morning at the news there’s a new Monty Python film going into production, 30 years after the team disbanded following The Meaning Of Life. However, everyone seems to have ignored the bit where director Terry Jones told Variety that Absolutely Anything is “not a Monty Python picture.” That said, it will include John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam in the cast, and producers are still hoping to coax Eric Idle down from his mountain of money.

Absolutely Anything has been written by Jones and Gavin Scott over the last 20 years and will be produced by Mike Medavoy, who also produced Life Of Brian. So it’s very Python, if not actually canon.

According to Medavoy, the film is: “A classic farce - something I feel I know a little bit about after all the Pink Panther pictures we did with Blake Edwards at United Artists. In fact, the movie even has a pompous Frenchman reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau - but there the similarity ends. Like all projects originated by any of the Monty Python guys, Absolutely Anything delightfully defies a logline.”

Logline is our new word for today.

It seems the other Pythons might not actually appear in the film, and will just provide the voices for some aliens who give one human the power to do Absolutely Anything, just to see how badly he screws everything up. And there’s a talking dog called Dennis, to be voiced by Robin Williams.

The good thing about all this is if the film is brilliant we can all go: “OMG! Another amazing Monty Python film!” And if it’s rubbish we can shrug and say, “Well, it was never meant as a Monty Python film anyway…” And then file it alongside Jabberwocky and Yellowbeard.


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