Monopoly Game to Include New Cat Token

A cat is being added to the Monopoly game after fans voted to replace the iron token in an online contest on Facebook.

It was a close call, as fans voted to eliminate either the shoe, wheelbarrow, or iron. During the final hours of voting, the iron was voted to be eliminated.

Fans on Facebook voted to replace the iron with either a cat, robot, diamond ring, helicopter or guitar.

While all of the new suggested pieces garnered many fans, it was the cat that came out on top.

“We put five new tokens out for our fans to vote on and there were a lot of fans of the many different tokens, but I think there were a lot of cat lovers in the world that reached out and voted for the cat to be the new token for Monopoly,” Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president for Hasbro gaming marketing, said.

Voting for the contest closed just before midnight on Tuesday. It was the first time in the history of the game that fans decided what token should be replaced. The pieces have changed over the years since Parker Brothers bought the game in 1935.

Hasbro officially announced the new piece Wednesday morning.

The game’s manufacturer decided to start the contest after fans began talking about it on the Monopoly Facebook page, which has more than 10 million fans. They wanted to keep the game relevant as the game is nearly eight decades old.

“Tokens are always a key part of the Monopoly game...and our fans are very passionate about their tokens, about which token they use while they play,” Berkowitz said.

The idea for Monopoly’s tokens came from its original creator, Charles Darrow, after his niece suggested he use her charms from her charm bracelet.

Though the game is based on the streets of Atlantic City, N.J., the game’s street names are altered to express different street names when it is sold in other countries.

Other tokens include a racecar, Scottie dog, a shoe, thimble, top hat, wheelbarrow and battleship. Most of these were introduced in 1935, while the Scottie dog and wheelbarrow were added in the 1950s.

“I’m sad to see the iron go,” Berkowitz said. “Personally, I’m a big fan of the racecar so I’m very relieved it was saved but it is sad to see the iron go.”

The Save Your Token Campaign created much social-media buzz and attracted many companies that pushed to keep specific tokens.

Ames True Temper Inc., a garden tool maker, pushed to keep the wheelbarrow and released several videos supporting the tool.

Zappos, a shoe company, supported the shoe token.

“We’ve even had some companies like Jolly Time Pop Corn reach out and petition to have a popcorn token added to the game, even though that’s not one of the new five tokens,” Berkowitz said.

Fans of the game can expect to see the cat token in versions of Monopoly sold this year.



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