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The Monkees Planning Another Reunion Tour

The Monkees are considering another reunion tour just two months after their latest tour ended prematurely.

Three of the four original members of the 1960s group toured in support of their 45th anniversary this summer, but the tour mysteriously came to an end in August after more than 40 shows.

Guitarist Peter Tork refuses to reveal why the tour broke down, but told that there are already plans to start again: “I’m not really at liberty to get into detail about what happened, but there were some business affairs that couldn’t be coordinated correctly. We hit a glitch and there was just this weird dislocation at one point. I can’t say anything more without getting into the stuff that we have to keep down. We need to work on this stuff outside of the public eye."

“(But) between everybody’s behavior changing enough and restructuring the way that we related to one another… we did it all right. We had a good time onstage, laughed and created jokes.”

The positive reviews and sell-out crowds on the British leg of the tour prompted Tork, Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz to consider putting the show back on the road once the “business affairs” are sorted out.

Tork adds: “I’d say that the odds of another tour are better than 50/50… it would probably be in the next year or two. But obviously nothing is settled yet, and until we see a settlement in sight, we can’t even begin to arrange a tour. Once you start arranging a tour, you may be able to get it mounted about six or seven months down the road.”


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