Mom Upset Over Color Me Badd Song Playing in McDonald's (Video)

A mom in Beaverton, Ore. is upset that a local McDonald's was playing the 1991 tune “I Wanna Sex You Up" at their store.

The mom, who goes by the pseudonym "Suzie," has four and six-year-old kids who were curious about the Color Me Badd song, reported UPI.

“We went to McDonalds yesterday because it was super hot and I wanted my kids to be able to play,” Suzie told KATU (video below). “The kids were playing for a little bit [in the play area] and then I heard a song come on and it was singing ‘I Wanna Sex You Up.’”

“My daughter came up to me about halfway through the song, being six years old and curious, asked me what ‘sex you up’ means,” added Suzie.

Don Armstrong, the owner of the McDonald's, told KATU in a statement:

We began investigating this matter once we were made aware of it. We’ll continue to gather facts and determine what may have occurred. We strive to provide customers with a comforting and enjoyable environment whenever they visit our restaurant.

Bryan Adams, the lead singer of Color Me Badd has not issued a comment, but did appear in court last year (using a walker) for a probation violation stemming from a domestic violence incident, noted Newsone.com.

Souces: UPI, KATU, Newsone.com


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