Molly Shannon Says TSA Pat-Downs Give Her an Orgasm (Video)

Actress Molly Shannon recently told talk show host Conan O'Brien how much she enjoys pat-downs by a TSA agent as opposed to walking through a mechanical scanner.

Shannon even went as far to say that it gave her a "head orgasm," noted Gawker.

"It felt like a spa experience or a massage," she swooned (video below).

Shannon recalled how the TSA agent told her exactly where she would be pat-down and her excited response, "I was like 'Great, sounds good!'"

"I have this thing, it's a very real response, it's called ASMR," explained Shannon, reports Metro.us. "It's called like autonomous sensory meridian response. It's where I get kind of a tingling sensation in my body. Certain slow hand movements trigger it or soft voices or like a soft touch will trigger like a head orgasm."

“I get triggered a lot at the airport,” added Shannon. “If people are wearing plastic gloves I like when they check your luggage… or I love when I get checked and they have to go through my luggage with the plastic gloves and they have to go through each item methodically."

Sources: Gawker and Metro.us


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