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Facebook Users Campaign for Gay Kiss on TV's “Modern Family”

You have not read much about the Cam and Mitchell kissing – or lack of kissing - controversy on this site, because I have been so pleased with how Modern Family has portrayed this gay couple during its first season that I had faith a locking of lips would occur down the road.

But some fans are not as patient, and God bless 'em! There is a "Let Cam and Mitchell Kiss on Modern Family" Facebook page with nearly 13,500 followers as of today.

In an interview with PopEater, Jesse Tyler Fergeson (Mitchell) talked about what he thinks of the Facebook movement: “I’m all for progressive movement within the show,” he said. “I appreciate the passion that some of the fans have. The fact that there is even a campaign on Facebook just shows how many people really love the show and the characters and want to see them happy. I think the writers are proceeding in a very wise way. There’s a great PDA episode they’re writing about Mitchell’s issues with public displays of affection. Viewers shouldn’t be expecting a big, ‘Gone with the Wind’ romantic kiss. It’s very beautiful and poignant. The writers are so good, they’re really taking that criticism and they’re going to run with it and try and create a talking point with it."

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