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Model Walks Around New York City with Painted-On Jeans (Video)

Model Leah Jung recently walked around New York City wearing jeans made of body paint.

Model Pranksters filmed Jung as she strolled around Manhattan. The video (below) has over 12 million views.

Her painted-on jeans included pockets, stitching and holes that exposed her knees, noted Fox 8.

The pantless model did wear a jacket, shirt and a pair of thong panties.

Hardly anyone noticed her lack of clothing as she walked through Times Square, ordered at McDonald’s and shopped at Forever 21.

One man did get an awkward glimpse while she was buying a Metrocard at the Port Authority. The leering cad even took a picture of her behind with his cell phone.

The amazing non-existent jeans were created by makeup artist Dani Fonseca.

“I’ve done it a million times before,” Fonseca told the New York Daily News.

“We could have done it without [panties], but it’s too risky to have someone in public like that,” added Fonseca. “Not to mention it’s New York City. Gross.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Fox 8


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